Monday, January 30, 2012

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic skin inflammation characterized by the presence of blackheads and one or more red, tender bumps (lesions). Lesions are often enlarged, open and ooze pus. Scarring can occur as a result after several recurrences. This condition is often regarded as a severe form of acne. Hidradenitis suppurativa occurs deep within the skin around the oil glands (sebaceous) and hair follicles. Body parts affected are usually the groin and armpits, is also the primary location of the apocrine sweat glands. Hidradenitis suppurativa tends to start to occur after puberty, persist for years and worsen over time. Early diagnosis and treatment of Hidradenitis suppurativa can help manage symptoms and prevent the development of new lesions. Hidradenitis suppurativa occurs when oil glands (sebaceous) glands and hair follicles not blocked by fluids, dead skin cells and other materials that are removed from around the apocrine sweat glands. When substances are mixed with oil from the sebaceous glands, it can be trapped and pushed into the surrounding tissue. Bacteria can then trigger infection and inflammation. It is unknown why there is a blockage, but a number of factors including hormones, genetics, smoking and being overweight - all can play a role. Sometimes Hidradenitis suppurativa occurs with other diseases, such as Crohn's disease or Graves' disease.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Solar Storm Effects

Solar Storm is going on recently begun releasing bursts of higher wave radiation. Wave radiation, says could disrupt communications satellites that orbit around the Earth. Proclaimed the Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday (25/01/2012), Doug Biesecker, physicist at the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center believes that solar radiation storm is in progress now have the possibility to influence the high frequency communications in polar regions. While in Australia, the impact is expected to be lighter. "This could pose some problems on some shortwave radio frequencies. Some of the electricity network operators have been warned and they can handle it," explains Dave Neudegg, Manager of Australian Ionospheric Prediction Service. Regarding the effects of solar storms to Indonesia, Thomas Djamaluddin, professor of astronomy at LAPAN said, "The impact on Indonesia was assessed with data LAPAN observer stations." However, until recently Thomas reveals, "There has been no report." In his blog, Thomas explained that the storm the sun is fairly strong and explosive flare-scale form of the M8-9. Solar storms that occurred on January 23, 2012 at 03:59 UT (10:59 GMT). however, a fairly strong flares is the first time since May 2005. Category M is actually classified as middle class, but because of approaching extreme class (class X), then the impact of solar storms will be strong enough that leads to the earth. X-rays are recorded on the GOES satellite showed a sharp increase until the class M8-9. The explosion happened as well flares followed by a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), burst mass of the solar corona, mainly protons with high speed, 1400 km / sec. CME was detected on the SOHO spacecraft monitors the position of the sun between the earth-sun is 1.5 million km from Earth (about 4 times the Earth-moon distance). Charged particles from the sun it looks like the snow that leads toward the earth. Chance of energetic particles that reach the earth around January 24 night time Indonesia. A fairly strong solar storm like this could potentially interfere with satellite operations, such as satellite communications. If that happens and can not be addressed by satellite operators, the possibility of interference with the use of mobile phones, TV broadcasting, data communications, banking and other users. But usually the satellite operators had anticipated. Another effect is a disruption in the ionosphere that would disrupt radio communication HF / shortwave commonly used by remote communication, including by foreign radio broadcasts such as BBC, VOA, or ABC. GPS satellite-based navigation as well as the possibility of impaired accuracy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pave the Official Ducati Monster 795 in India

NEW DELHI - After Malaysia and Indonesia, Ducati has officially launched the latest variant in India, the Ducati Monster 795. Motor sport is officially launched in the opening of the Delhi Auto Show 2012, which was held in New Delhi, India. Monster 795 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcycle markets of Asia, like India, China, Japan and some countries of South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, like Indonesia. This motor is the incorporation of variant Ducati Monster 696 and 796. As reported by Motorbeam, Sunday (01/08/2012) Ducati Monster 795 is marketed in Asia is an assembly of Thailand. Many advantages of the assembly likal in Thailand, especially about the price that is sure to be much cheaper than if assembled directly in Italy. Overall, Monster body 795 is larger than 796. Although the front, exhaust and tank design following the 796, but 795 looks much larger and elegant. Seen from two sides of the swing arm is made different from the 796 who had completed one-sided swing-arm. Regarding the kitchen runway, Ducati Monster 795 L is equipped with 803cc engine with twin-cylinder, two-valve engine and equipped with air conditioning Desmodormic that can generate power up to 64 kW 8250 rpm and torque of 78 Nm at 6250 RPM. In addition, the Monster 795 weighs 167 kg and height of seat 770mm. Ducati 795 riders set an example for Asia which has the posture of not too high. Reportedly, Ducati has done great research to perfect the small details in accordance with the Asian market. Further, the front tire size 120/60 ZR 17 and rear tires sized 160/60 ZR 17 and has a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters and has been adapted to the provisions of the government with Euro 3 emissions. However, unfortunately, not equipped with a braking system features ABS.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Black Rock Shooter series Online February 2012

TOKYO - The official website for the anime series Black Rock Shooter, has started to broadcast streaming promotional video (PV) has, for the anime. Black Rock Shooter PV featuring the song "Bokura no Ashitao", hosted by Ryo, Supercell band composer, as the closing song. The plan seiral 8 episodes of this anime, will premiere at the slot mignight Noitamina's Fuji TV anime, February next year. Black Rock Shooter anime franchise has inspired the creation of original video anime (OVA) by Shinobu Yoshioka, as well as action figures and games. Thus was launched Animenewsnetwork, Saturday (31/12/2011). At its OVA, the story is the focus of Mato Kuroi, and Takanashi Yomi. One day, Yomi disappear and some time afterwards Mato receiving blank text messages from Yomi, and then went to his favorite place to find a phone hanger gift. Strap the phone began to shine and bring Mato into a foreign world, which mempertemukannya with a mysterious girl named Black Rock Shooter. It has a mysterious girl's left eye bru-colored lights, and a stone thrower cannon, which can do 20 shots per second. Along with his quest for Yomi, Mato fused with the Black Rock Shooter and dueled with Yomi who was possessed by the devil. The series is directed by Shinobu Yoshioka (Black Rock Shooter OVA), with a script filmed Mari Okada (AnoHana, Hourou Musuko). While the character design done Yusuje Yoshigaki, by adapting the original design animated Huke's Black Rock Shooter.