Monday, July 2, 2012

Foot Care for People with Diabetes

Foot Care for People with Diabetes
Diabetics are prone to develop foot problems because of a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Serious problems of this condition can lead to foot injuries, so you need to maintain the health of your feet.

These conditions can also cause inflammation of the skin. In addition, in diabetic foot infections requires a long time to heal because it can grow deep into the tissue. In some cases, an infection that gets worse require amputation.

The following should be done by people with diabetes to take care of her feet, as quoted from onlymyhealth, Monday (07/02/2012), among others:

1. Keep your feet clean

Use warm water to wash your feet. Be sure to keep the area between the toes to keep dry. Jjika humid area, will semkain easily infected.

2. Cut your toenails

Trim your nails properly, do not get ingrown toe and puncture the skin. Better to cut the nails straight and not curved.

3. Wear seamless socks that do not

People with diabetes should avoid wearing socks with seams at the edges. The stitching can rub against the skin and cause blisters or other skin inflammation.

4. Exercise by walking

Walking is one of the best exercises for people with diabetes to the overall health and also for the legs. But you need to make sure that you wear appropriate shoes.

5. Choose comfortable shoes

Choose shoes with soles canvas upper, has a length and width of the right leg and has little room to move. Shoes should also be sturdy and have a proper bearing.

Here it should be avoided by people with diabetes-related foot health, among others:

1. Never go barefoot because it increases the chances of getting a foot injury.

2. Avoid shoes with pointed toes, high heels or sandals. Footwear is causing undue stress on your feet and can cause bone and joint disorders.

3. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Nerve damage caused by alcohol contributes to diabetic foot problems, other than that smoking can reduce blood flow to the legs.

4. Do not wear tight clothing, because it can restrict blood flow to the legs.

5. Do not wear shoes that have a coating or a rough cut in it, because it can cause infection.
Foot Care for People with Diabetes