Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diets Fit for Diabetes Patients

Diets Fit for Diabetes Patients. One of the things that can affect blood sugar levels is the food it consumes. In order to remain well-controlled diabetes, know what kind of diet should be done by people with diabetes.

Diabetics who do not manage your diet well tend to have blood sugar levels are not controlled. If it happens repeatedly, then the threat to attack a variety of complications.

"Generally, there's no restrictions for people with diabetes, but the most important thing is to limit the amount of food and still eat calorie balanced nutrition," says Dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, Sp.PD, PhD Metabolic Endocrine Division, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM detikHealth and written when contacted on Wednesday (08/29/2012).

Dr. Dante describes people with diabetes should not eat at all as sweet as her body still needs sugar, only the use and type of sugar should be regulated.

Even so people with diabetes need to limit glucose simply because these foods have a high glycemic index value so quickly increase blood sugar levels, for example syrup, sugar. Better to choose a low glycemic index levels eg vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Dr. Sri Hartini KS Kariadi, SpPD-KEMD in the book 'Diabetes? Who's Afraid! ' said to the diet of diabetics or people with diabetes should carry 3J (Schedule, Amount and Type of Food).

Some foods such as rice, bread, taro, sago, noodles, vermicelli, macaroni and other food made of flour should be regulated in number, as it should be limited and should not be excessive.

In addition, people with diabetes should avoid the following foods:
1. Pure sugar
2. Dodoo
3. Brown
4. Jam
5. Syrup
6. Lemonade
7. Soft drink
8. Condensed milk
9. Sweets like cake
10. Canned fruit
11. Jerked meat
12. Abon

Meanwhile, Dr. Dante reveals the role and support of the family is very important in helping the diet undertaken by people with diabetes. For that family should come do a healthy lifestyle.

"Do not discriminate against people with diabetes with a food that is not, because it can make people so miserable that ended up making it so snacks outside," said Dr. Dante who also practices at MMC Hospital Jakarta.

Dr. Dante pointed out in the community sometimes encountered anyone with diabetes and her father make 2 different meals that special meal for his father and other food for other family members. And if family members are party to share a healthy diet so he can benefit too.

By doing a healthy diet and regular physical activity the blood sugar levels will be owned controlled, so that it can help people with diabetes avoid various complications. Diets Fit for Diabetes Patients.