Friday, August 17, 2012

Hybrid Tablet Gigabyte Prepare Windows 8

Hybrid Tablet Gigabyte Prepare Windows 8. Operating system Windows 8 will be rolled on October 26, 2012. Various computer manufacturers have been gearing up to welcome the launch of this latest operating system, one of which is Gigabyte.
More recently, the Taiwanese vendor launched two portable computer ditujuakan to play games. However, NB Division Director Product Management Division, Business Mobility Center Gigabyte, Vincent Liu said the two computers is not a complete line jinjng Gigabyte products.

"Two of these products have not been entirely. We also have a product (sailing) touch to Windows 8, but still later launch around October, "he said on the sidelines of the launch of new products P2542G and U2442, in Jakarta some time ago.

Unfortunately, Vincent would not reveal specifics as to what a handheld device manufacturer Gigabyte Windows 8. "Can type hybrid between a laptop with a tablet, can also be a slate or tablet," said Liu.

Gigabyte products distributor, Datascript also revealed there has been news of some product manufacturers Windows 8 besutannya ready to slide. But for now still waiting for the launch of the embargo and the operating system of Microsoft Windows 8. The entry of products into Indonesia was predicted to be late.

"The products from several manufacturers were ready, but the embargo was still waiting for the release of Windows 8. Indonesia likely to get into a little delay, probably around November or one of the fastest quarter of next year, "said Senior Marketing Manager Datascript, Joshua Siregar. Hybrid Tablet Gigabyte Prepare Windows 8.